Meet Mitch, our spokes-canine

 Have you ever seen a more precious little face? 

Many of our donors and supporters know that COVID-19 has had devastating effects on all of us. Our team has been faced with the harsh reality of how severely the marginalised communities have been hit. Animals are sick, starved and mistreated but ARO is doing everything we can to give these animals a SECOND CHANCE. 

We are treating the sick, feeding the hungry and showing compassion to these animals.During this time, ARO joined the City of Cape Town for the annual Mass Sterilisation Drive, Mitch was brought in from our Mobile Clinic to be sterilised. When he was returned home, his owners decided they were no longer able to care for him financially, and he was surrendered to ARO. 

Our team had been discussing the possibility of adopting a dog to be a part of the ARO team as our ambassador and ‘spokes-canine’ This seemed like the perfect chance for ARO to give Mitch his SECOND CHANCE!

ARO’s trendy buffs and matching dog bandanas are quite a hit and supporters can continue to help by donating R200 or more to receive the combo. Donors that contributed R1000 or more were blown away with their incredible pet portraits done by Ashley Chapman.