ARO joins City of Cape Town Mass Sterilisation Campaign

ARO has joined forces with other welfare organisations in the City of Cape’s mass sterilisation campaign. We are aiming to sterilise at least 250 animals from Mitchell’s Plain before the end of February 2021.  Our Mobile Clinic is being used to collect and deliver animals for this city funded project. 

This will reduce the amount of unwanted animals that are subjected to suffering and neglect as a result. Sterilisation is of paramount importance to managing pet populations and ending the cycle of animal abuse and cruelty.

Other benefits of sterilisation include:

  • Sterilised animals are healthier; they have reduced instances of cancers and infections of the genital tract and breast cancer).
  • They are less likely to roam resulting in a lower accident rate.
  • They are less likely to show sex-related behavioural issues, i.e. aggression, dominant behaviour, fighting and even spray-marking of territory
  • Fewer euthanasia’s
  • Reduced pressure on animal welfare services

Second Chances

Covid has had devastating effects on everyone and our team have been faced with the harsh reality of how badly the poorest of communities have been hit.  Animals are starving, sick and badly neglected but ARO is doing everything we can to give those animals a SECOND CHANCE. We are treating the sick, feeding the hungry and showing compassion to those animals, even if it is in their final hours.

ARO has launched the SECOND CHANCES campaign to help more animals, with the help of our donors.  Many donors jumped on board to show their support and in return, were gifted with a super trendy ARO branded buff with a matching dog bandana for their beloved pets.  Acana generously sponsored a bag dog food to each donor.  

Outreach Project

Mandela Day Outreach Project

After postponing our Mandela Day initiative this year, ARO decided to visit Delft in celebration of World Animal Day to hand out dog food to pet owners waiting to be seen by our AWA’s (Animal Welfare Assistants) on our Mobile Clinics.

As part of the outreach project, ARO partnered with an incredible group of ladies, K4C (Knitting for Charity) who knitted 67 beautiful beanies and scarves which was handed out to children with fruit and treats. 

Thank you to all our supporters and Absolute Pets who donated heaps of dog food which we decanted and packed ‘doggy-bags’ that were handed out to pet owners in the queue.   The smiles of appreciation that we received has made us realise how desperate the need of caring for the community is and that our work can be stretched a little bit further.

Our hope is that by showing more compassion to the owners and educating them on responsible pet care and other animal matters, that they in turn will assist us with our mission to reach as many animals as our resources will allow.