“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” – Martin Buber

Mobile Clinics

Our daily mobile clinics are key to reaching
thousands of sick and suffering animals
who would otherwise suffer without the
veterinary care they desperately need.

A mobile clinic may look like just another vehicle, but they are a critical link to thousands of animals whose owners walk for miles to seek veterinary care for their pets.

It is a place where animals that are very ill are brought, where primary health care treatments can be done (ie: tick & flea, deworm treatments etc) and where advice and education can be given.

Therefore, ARO’s mandate is to send out mobile clinics into the most indigent areas of Cape Town to reach those animals who need us the most.

Each vehicle can cost over R35 000 per month to run. Expenses include salaries for Animal Welfare Assistants (AWA’s) as registered with the SA Veterinary Council, petrol, vehicle maintenance, drugs and equipment required for the delivery of critical veterinary care for sick and suffering animals.

All ARO vehicles are the critical link to suffering animals and as such ARO maintains a fleet of quality vehicles to reach our precious animals who need us most.  Funding is always required for this and public support and donations are key to keeping the wheels turning.


ARO has brand new mobile clinics doing excellent work in poverty stricken areas of Cape Town.

These units form a critical link between the ARO hospital and the animals who need us the most.

Your support of the ARO mobile clinics will be supporting sterilisation as well as most important basic care for animals.

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Our mobile clinics cover the Phillipi, Guguletu, Wesbank,
Browns Farm, Delft and Nyanga communities.

About our mobile clinics

Each mobile unit is operated by a registered Animal Welfare Assistant (AWA). We currently have 2 full time AWA's who run our mobile clinics. As they are the ones dealing with the public in the areas they visit, they are fluent in English and Xhosa, and can speak a little Afrikaans for good measure!

Parasite control

Our mobile clinic offers dipping for mange, parasite control (ticks and fleas) and deworming.


These prevent the spread of highly contagious animal diseases, as well diseases such as rabies that can be transmitted to humans.

In order to encourage an understanding of responsibility and value for the animal, ARO will charge R80 per vaccination.


Sterilisation is required at the second vaccination date.  It is a major surgical procedure and can only be done at the hospital in Ottery.  Animals booked for the sterilisation procedure will spend at least one night in the hospital before being returned to their owners.

ARO’s mandate is to create and encourage
sustainable and affordable pet care practices
to maintain a healthy pet.

Payment for the services offered by the mobile clinics is encouraged or requested depending on the treatment.

However, ARO is always willing to negotiate and discuss each and every case individually with pet owners in the best interest of the welfare of the animal concerned.


Breeding within indigent communities remains a huge problem despite everyone’s best efforts to cut down on litters born through constant sterilisation practises.

If the owner cannot afford to sterilise their pet, ARO will sponsor the costs, but we urge owners to pay something, even if it is R20, towards the procedure in order to instill a culture of responsible pet ownership, and not a "hand out" mentality.

ARO needs public support in order to continue reaching these communities.

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Dogs, Cats and what else…?

ARO often receives calls from the public about neglected or in distressed animals in pet shops and other places.

ARO can cater for a limited number of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, and always has one or more of these little pets up for adoption. See our Adoptions page .

ARO also helps to re-home donkeys and sometimes has a donkey or two looking for homes.

If you see wildlife in distress it is best to call the SPCA Wildlife Unit directly on 021-7004158; for all other animal needs, call or email ARO and we can refer you to the best place for assistance.


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