Mobile Clinics

Reaching Our Communities

Mobile Clinics

Our daily mobile clinics are a critical link to thousands of animals whose owners walk for miles to seek veterinary care for their pets. It is a place where animals that are very ill are brought, where primary health care treatments can be done (ie: tick & flea, deworm treatments etc) and where advice and education can be given. Therefore, ARO’s mandate is to send out mobile clinics into the most indigent areas of Cape Town to reach those animals who need us the most.

Each vehicle can cost over R35 000 per month to run. Expenses include salaries for Animal Welfare Assistants (AWA’s) registered with the SA Veterinary Council, petrol, vehicle maintenance, drugs and equipment required for the delivery of critical veterinary care for sick and suffering animals.

The National Lotteries Commission has kindly sponsored funding for our mobile clinics. We are so thankful for all that they do to help us help those in need.

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