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About ARO

Relieving the sick and suffering animals living within impoverished communities

Animal Rescue Organisation (ARO) is a registered NPO (003-967-NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 130001093) established in 1986 with a mission to relieve the suffering of animals living within indigent communities across the Cape Metropole.

ARO is not a pet shelter, but is a welfare veterinary hospital service concentrating on a number of important areas of work including sterilisation and primary health care. 

ARO Mobile Clinics are run by registered and experienced AWA’s (Animal Welfare Assistants) which are sent out into extremely poor and indigent communities and informal settlements including, but not limited to, Guguletu, Nyanga, Delft, Browns Farm and similar areas within the wider Cape Metropole.

In addition, ARO runs a fully equipped welfare hospital in Ottery providing welfare services to members of the public earning less than R20 000 gross monthly household income.




Animals Sterilised


Animals Vaccinated

Our Sevices

Charity Shops

ARO Charity Shops are directly financing our work for the welfare of the animals. We welcome all donations of household goods.

Mobile Clinics

Our Mobile Clinics work in local townships and informal settlements, focusing on education, health care and sterilisation.

Welfare Hospital

Our Hospital and day clinic focuses on the treatment of sick and suffering animals, from disease to neglect and cruelty.

How to donate

We need your support!
Donate to ARO and help to relieve the suffering of animals in poor communities.


You can help ARO by attending
one of our events

We host a number of events every year to help support our local hospitals and mobile clinics . Due to COVID-19, all

physical events and markets have been postponed until further notice, but have a look at our virtual events

How you can help

Lend a helping hand, spare some
change or send some love our way

There are many ways you can help ARO from fundraising, volunteering at our events and helping with
maintenance in our facilities to shopping in our charity shops