Donate to repair our x-ray unit
Meet Minnie

Minnie is one of the 30 plus dogs who needed an x-ray this month. Minnie needs surgery on her fractured leg which can’t be done without clear x-rays both pre and post-surgery! Help us help Minnie and other dogs like her by donating to repairs on our x-ray machine now. 

Animal Rescue Organisation (ARO) needs your help in order for us to continue our fight to relieve sick and suffering animals that need us the most.

Our hospital offers lifesaving surgeries that many pet owners can’t afford with private vets. To perform these surgeries we need an x-ray machine. Our hospital x-rays of an average of 30 patients a month.

Our current machine is in desperate need of repair. This medical equipment does not come cheap and we need to raise R150,000 fast.

With this machine being so important for diagnostics, the lack of a functioning x-ray unit could bring our hospital to a standstill. Meaning hundreds of animals won’t be getting the care they need. Help us help these animals by donating now.