Since ARO is not a pet shelter, we do not have activities with walking adoption dogs, but we do have other activities on hand for those who want to help ARO.

All visitors to ARO will be requested to sign an indemnity form. For more information about Mandela Day at ARO please email

Project: 2019

ARO has a specific project that we work on for each Mandela Day. In 2019, this will be to repaint the front wall of ARO’s hospital as it has got into a horrible mess!

Please feel free to join us, to bring any painting equipment, food for the animals in hospital or mobile clinics, donations for the shops or call us to discuss.

We will have some children from both privileged and under privileged communities coming to listen to a representative from the Aquarium talk about how they can help care for planet Earth.

Hospital Activities

The ARO hospital will sterilise 67 pets from impoverished informal settlement areas.

Only adults with experience in handling post op animals will be permitted to work in the hospital and/or kennels. No under 18’s will be permitted past the theatre viewing window in the hospital.

Donations of blankets and pet care items, including all kinds of food are most welcome. Every last gift will be allocated!

Resident Animals at ARO

We have some lovely resident donkeys and ponies at ARO who love to be fussed and groomed. If you are experienced working with ponies and donkeys, please feel free to contact us.
Sadly, no children under the age of 16 will be permitted to work with the equines.

We also have rabbits and smaller pets that will need to be cleaned and cared for, which may be more suitable for smaller children.
All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Children at ARO on Mandela Day

Children are welcome to view the ARO veterinary theatre through the viewing window and to ask the vet questions about careers with animals, etc.
Parent supervision is essential for under 16’s.