ARO has joined forces with other welfare organisations in partnership with the City of Cape Town’s mass sterilisation project. For the past 2 and a half months, ARO has been working towards a goal of 185 animals sterilised and we are extremely proud of our team who completed this in record time! So much so that we were asked to do an extra 15 making it a total of 200 animals that has been sterilised through ARO!

       If you take into consideration that 1 unsterilized dog or cat can produce around 67,000 puppies or kittens over 6 years, it is amazing to think what the impact of 200 sterilised animals actually is!
Our amazing AWA Lunga is responsible for running the special project vehicle which is being used to collect and deliver animals for this city funded project. Lunga started this mission in Ocean View and ended in Browns Farm, Phillipi.

This project alone will reduce the amount of unwanted animals that are subjected to suffering and neglect as a result. Sterilisation is of paramount importance to managing pet populations and ending the cycle of animal abuse and cruelty.

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