New Hospital Floors thanks to Old Mutual Staff Volunteer Fund Trust

We are so excited about a recent renovation to our hospital! Thanks to Old Mutual Staff Volunteer Fund Trust (OMSVFT), we were able to redo the floors of our indoor and outdoor kennels as well as part of the hospital floors. Although we are very happy with how fresh and new our flooring looks, this is not the most important part of this makeover. The new floor is made of screed, which is not only incredibly sturdy but offers us a surface that we can clean and sterilise properly. The flooring we had previously was tile and old cracked cement. This resulted in many little areas our F10 steriliser could not reach. This increases the risk of viruses like parvo spreading to animals in our hospital, which is an issue we were constantly concerned with. Now because of OMSVFT’s generosity in sponsoring this project we can rest easy knowing that this area of our clinic can be easily cleaned and will help stop the spread of communicable viruses.

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