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Sponsor a kennel in our hospital

Kennel sponsorship is a great way of supporting ARO. A Kennel sponsorship is a monthly amount of R250 (or annual donation of R2750) donated on a debit order basis, to assist the running of a specific kennel.

Your contribution will go towards the feeding, caring and medical expenses of the animals that stay in your kennel. We will hang a personalised plaque on your sponsored kennel with a message of your choosing and send you a Kennel Sponsors Certificate.

You’ll also receive quarterly emails with updates of the animals that have stayed in your kennel and what kind of treatments they have received under our care.

With the kennel sponsors, we can budget more effectively than we can on once-off donations. You may stop your sponsorship whenever, for whatever reason – so, go ahead and become a sponsor and a lifelong friend to ARO and animals in need!

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