Sponsor a Kennel

This is a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift!

On sponsoring a kennel at the ARO hospital in Ottery, you are securing, in your name, a place of wellness and safety for a township or disadvantaged pet for 1 year.



Sponsor a Spay

This is a hugely popular way of helping animals and many donors like to use this option as a gift to a special friend or family member.

Each sterilisation costs R350 and are carried out at the Animal Rescue Organisation’s SAVC registered hospital in Ottery.

You can sponsor a spay by EFT using the reference SPAY and your surname.



Sponsor a Plaque in the ARO Memorial Garden

Losing a pet can be heartbreaking.

To help with your healing, why not place a memorial plaque in the Memorial Garden at ARO.  Each plaque costs R290 and can be paid for directly by EFT to ARO with the reference Memorial and your surname.