“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” – Martin Buber


The international trade of donkeys skins for the Chinese market continues across Africa. The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary rescued over 300 equines from a horrific slaughter in January 2017 and campaign tirelessly for the banning of the donkey skin trade in Africa.

ARO backs them all the way and is currently collecting signatures calling for the ban. Please note: SA Gvt will not accept digital petitions.

Please print and sign the petition and scan copies back to aro@animalrescue.org.za alternatively post to ARO, P.O. Box 14285, Kenwyn, 7790, Cape Town, South Africa

There is one animal circus left in SA which is causing grave concerns regarding the welfare of the animals forced to live a life of travel and performing ~ wild animals which should be free.

ARO joins countless thousands of others in protesting the practise of forcing wild animals to perform silly tricks for human entertainment. ARO currently has nearly 10 000 original signatures from people in SA who wish to see this barbaric practise banned. Add you name. We need original signatures as the SA Government will not accept digital petitions. Print, sign and scan to ARO ~ aro@animalrescue.org.za Alternatively post to ARO P.o.Box 14285, Kenwyn, 7790 Cape Town, SA

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