Mobile Animal Sterilisation Unit (MASU)

ARO’s MASU  is a custom made 8m long mobile veterinary hospital, equipped especially for the sterilisation of animals. MASU came about after the need for a mobile hospital became clear. However, MASU sadly does not receive government funds and depends on the generosity of the public to fund it.

Sterilisation remains the key to the welfare of thousands of domestic pets living within impoverished township and informal settlement communities across South Africa. Your support of MASU is greatly appreciated by ARO. MASU is registered with the SA Veterinary Council.

To find out how to contribute towards this initiative or to find out more information about how MASU's Standard Operating Procedures or how they can visit your town, contact Animal Rescue Organisation 021 3965511 or via email.


How to Contribute

Debit Order Stop Order EFT PayFast
Click here to complete our online Debit Order Authority Form You will require our banking details (see under EFT) to set up your Stop Order at your branch or online if your online banking service offers this functionality.Include MASU together with your name when making your contribution. First National Bank,
Lansdowne Branch, Code 203209,
Account Number 501 400 46977,
SWIFT NUMBER f i r n z a j j 488 (Int only) in the name of Animal Rescue OrganisationInclude MASU together with your name when making your contribution.
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