The middle ages lives on in the circus

Globaly, over 40 countries have banned animal circuses because they recognise the psychological and emotional suffering of animals which are forced to perform, on time and command, silly tricks for human entertainment.   It has been intensively and well documented,  internationally,  that animals (particularly wild animals such as lions, tigers and elephants)  who are trained for circus entertainment programmes are subjected to a lifetime of:  repeated and often cruel and confusing training methods (there are many reports of cruelty all over the world), a life in chains and at the end of bull hooks,  constantly changing environments, smells and temperatures & hours of road travel under intense heat and freezing cold conditions, stressful travel conditions (engine noise,  heavy traffic & fumes thereof),  flashing lights, loud noises, loud music, indifferent and often abusive handlers and staff cleaners who change regularly, changing diets and food and hours of hard work being forced to perform tricks like jumping through hoops, running around in circles etc.  All this in place of their natural habitat in the wild.

Circus animals show stress related behaviour including weaving, chewing, depression and aggression which is oppressed via bull hooks and chains, designed to break the spirit.  Following attendance at an animal circus, one member of the public called the Animal Rescue Organisation and complained that the performing lions she witnessed where “limp”, “had no muscle” and looked “depressed”. Circus animal realities are available on the internet and video of this nature does not lie!

Circus animals may (or may not) have full stomachs and clean cages (perhaps more often when the Inspectors arrive!), but they are miserable, depressed and living a life of frustration, forced to survive against their natural instinct.  The internationally acclaimed organisation Born Free Foundation is a front runner in the rescue and release of lions and other wild animals who have suffered a lifetime of performing tricks in the circus and recently relocated 2 German Circus lions to Shamwari in the Eastern Cape. There are other organisations who do the same elsewhere in the world and these organisations should be awarded medals for their fight for the rights of these desperate lives.

Make a pledge that you do not support a circus with performing animals and do not take your children to view these shows. Ask ARO for their Anti Circus Petition and make a stand against the SADDEST SHOW ON EARTH.