The Animal Rescue Organisation Hospital

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm
Ad1I3A7755dress: 5 Olieboom Road, Ottery, Cape Town, Phone 021-3965511/ 082 836 5880

The Animal Rescue Organisation’s hospital is situated at 5 Olieboom Road, off Strandfontein Road, Ottery in Cape Town.

For all hospital & fieldwork related enquires please contact Supervisor Fagan Vollenhoven on 021-3965511 or email

The ARO hospital has the capacity to take in up to 60 dogs and in the region of 20 cats for a short stay welfare hospital treatment such as sterilisation or an orthopaedic procedure, but is not an adoption shelter and as such concentrates on the welfare treatment of sick and suffering animals from the most indigent areas of the Cape, including, but not limited to the surrounding Phillipi farming areas, Guguletu, Wesbank, Browns Farm, Delft and Nyanga. Animals are treated for a wide variety of conditions from disease to neglect and cruelty. A limited number of healthy pets, which have been screened for suitability are offered by ARO for adoption. Owners are educated on how to care for their pets and are able to learn more about responsible pet care habits including sterilisation and vaccination. Animals which are the victim of neglect and cruelty will not be returned to their owners.

The ARO hospital is funded by public donations and does not receive Government grants. Lottery funding is limited and ARO is required to fundraise to maintain the hospital services to the poor with an income budget of around R5million required annually. ARO does not adhere to any “label” and does everything possible to save lives within its capabilities.

ARO is a member of the Cape Animal Welfare Forum and participates actively in the City of Cape Town funded sterilisation campaigns. In 2017, ARO will be active with other participating Forum members in the Atlantis area as part of a mass sterilisation campaign. In the region of 1000 dogs and cats from Atlantis will be sterilised by Forum member organisations including ARO. Animals are sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed as part of this campaign, which has seen thousands of animals benefitting over the past few years. City of Cape Town funds are limited to and specifically for this campaign only and are not extended to ARO general running costs.

The hospital opens an onsite Day Clinic from 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday and is able to see patients from owners whose gross household income is R15 000 or less. Vetshop products and general pet care items are for sale at the clinic. For all ARO hospital related enquiries, please feel free to call Senior Veterinarian Dr Reuben Kotze on the numbers above.

To support ARO’s hospital with a donation, please click here and donate. Section 18a certificates are available on request.

Fieldwork at ARO

1I3A7808What is it all about?
Fieldwork includes any work done for the welfare of animals outside and away from the hospital in Ottery. ARO currently has 3 mobile clinics and an Animal Carrier, which can carry around 10 animals. The mobile clinics work on a roster timetable in which each day of the week sees a clinic being conducted in a township or informal settlement community. Animals seen at a mobile clinic will be treated for primary health care related conditions such a parasite (flea and tick) control, including deworming and vaccinations.

Sterilisation is a major surgical procedure and can only be done at the hospital in Ottery. Animals are booked for the sterilisation procedure and will spend at least one night with ARO in the hospital before going home.

Vaccinations: in order to encourage an understanding of responsibility and value for the animal, ARO will charge R80 per vaccination. A hand out “free service” does nothing for the holistic welfare of the animal. However, ARO is always willing to negotiate and discuss each and every case individually with pet owners in the best interest of the welfare of the animal concerned.

AWA’s – Animal Welfare Assistants
ARO currently employs 2 registered AWA’s with a 3rd being trained. These staff members work full time and conduct clinics within indigent areas weekly with their mobile unit. They are responsible for dealing with the public and as such are fluent in both English and Xhosa, with a little Afrikaans for good measure!

Payment is encouraged or requested depending on the treatment. ARO’s mandate is to create and/or encourage sustainable and affordable pet care practises to maintain a healthy pet. If the owner cannot afford to sterilise their pet, ARO will sponsor the costs, but we urge owners to pay something even if it is R20, towards the procedure in order to instil a culture of responsible pet ownership, and not a hand out mentality.

Breeding within indigent communities remains a huge problem despite everyone’s best efforts to cut down on litters born through constant sterilisation practises. ARO needs public support in order to continue reaching these communities. See SUPPORT ARO page

Dogs, Cats and what else…?
ARO often receives calls from the public about animals in pet shops and other places which are neglected or in distress of some kind. ARO can cater for a limited number of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters and always has one or more of these little pets up for adoption. See ADOPTIONS. ARO also helps re home donkeys on occasion and sometimes has a donkey or two looking for homes. If you see wildlife in distress it is best to call the SPCA Wildlife Unit directly on 021-7004158; for all animal needs, if you call ARO we can refer you to the best place for assistance. It is best to call or email in connection with other pets you may be interested in or concerned about.